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Sagarmatha Seeds wishes to thank all our satisfied customers for the proliferation of our product and reputation across the globe. A worldwide genetic pool was placed in our care to provide marijuana smokers and growers with fresh, original varieties of marijuana.

After 20 years of service we have emerged as a creditable source of connoisseur quality cannabis seeds. Together with your feedback and interest we will continue to provide a variety of delectable treats for the many marijuana farmers of the world. These "magic beans" have given Sagarmatha and friends many hours of enjoyment and entertainment. Every stage of development, from planning, planting to finally providing, has been a tremendous pleasure.

Almost every experience will have peaks and valleys over time - every farmer has their share. We believe Sagarmatha's peaks will give our customers the highest cerebral views and physical sensations possible with marijuana.

Please enjoy our catalogue with a friend. We hope you will be able to partake in some of our potent products. Perhaps with your participation and our plants we can help create some peace for our planet.


All of our seeds are organically grown indoors.
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Special Annoucement! We are having a photo contest - please submit photos of your plants for a chance to win a Sagarmatha t-shirt or jacket. Please e-mail photos to

Spring supersale

Sagarmatha is offering very nice specials to celebrate the return of MATANUSKA TUNDRA, aka ALASKAN THUNDERFUCK.(ATF)

With the purchase of any seeds you will recieve a package of FREE regular seeds.

With the purchase of a package of MATANUSKA TUNDRA you will get one pack of feminized FREE seeds. When you purchase two packs you will recieve a third pack of Tundra/ATF. for FREE!  Sagarmatha is proud to offer Matanuska Tundra aka Alaskan Thunderfuck to our many satisfied customers and we believe with this variety our friends will have a superior variety of connasuer quality and quantitiy.This offer is limited and wont last long so please act fast to be sure to get in on the action. Enjoy! and thanks again!!

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Sagarmatha does not ship to the USA.